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Super Neat Kids, USA!

The Superest Neatest Kids there ever was

Super Neat Kids!
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We let pretty much anyone in, so long as you're not a communist or wear socks with sandals. Anyhow, if you do wish to join the coolest and neatest of communities, we do ask you answer these 10 simple questions. Not too hard eh? Have fun kiddies!

1. Five favorite bands (this is crucial)
2. Who are you?
3. Finish this sentence: Sometimes after _____, I _____.
4. Favorite pizza toppings:
5. Finish this sentence: Your mother’s a _____. (and no, we’re not talking about your own mother)
6. Life is _____________ .
7. You can rid the world of one person, any one person you so wish, without any consequences, who is it? Explain.
8. Name your favorite barnyard animal.
9. Name the last "important" book you read and the last embaressing book you read.
10. When I'm sure no one is looking, I sometimes __________.

Also, post a picture. The difference here between this community and other communities is this picture cannot, I repeat canNOT be of yourself or any other human being. Post a picture of something, anything, that either represents you, you think is funny, crazy, amuses you, or whatever.
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