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Wed, Oct. 29th, 2003, 10:48 am

I guess since I started this community, I should answer my own questions.

1. Five favorite bands (this is crucial): Ben Folds Five, Death Cab for Cutie, Motion City Soundtrack, Rilo Kiley, the Beatles

2. Who are you? A llama, duh.

3. Finish this sentence: Sometimes after I eat a bowl of ice cream, I want more. Don’t judge me.

4. Favorite pizza toppings: Extra Cheese, black olives and pepperoni.

5. Finish this sentence: Your mother’s a whore.

6. Life is full of ups and downs but mostly llamas .

7. You can rid the world of one person, any one person you so wish, without any consequences, who is it? Explain.
Britney Spears. I just don't feel like she's really doing anyone any good. I think we'd all breath a bit easier if she were gone.

8. Name your favorite barnyard animal. The llama, of course

9. Name the last "important" book you read and the last embaressing book you read. I’d say that would be the history book I’m currently reading for my exam tomorrow entitled Hitler: A Study in Tyranny, Abridged Edition. Most embarassing book? Umm I bought a book that lists antique values, that’s sorta dorky right?

10. When I'm sure no one is looking, I sometimes pick my wedgies.

A better picture is on its way I promise, I am at work at the moment.